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Gumnuts Family Board Game

Gumnuts Koala board game set collection fuzzy fun

Collect and cuddle your way to victory as you gather these lovable creatures in a heartwarming journey through the Eucalyptus forest. Add Koala’s into your fuzzy collection using probability, memory, and strategy. Draw cards, create unique stats, hide key cards and collect for hour hours of fuzzy fun.

What is Gumnuts?

Gumnuts is a cute collection based game perfect for children and adults to enjoy. It has a great game mechanic making players use probability to estimate which numbers they can win, memory to remember what is in stacks and strategy to hide cards and make winning choices.

Gumuts cute Koalas in Eucalyptus Forest

How do you play Gumnuts?

During a players turn they will draw cards equal to the number of trees. They then will place one card on each tree, hiding one upside down. They then collect all the Koala cards on the tree adding them to their collections. Players will accumulate cards throughout the game attempting to have more of any koala then the other players. Just watch out for the dangers.

How to play Gumnuts, the cute and cuddly collection game by Maggie Box

How can I buy Gumnuts?

Gumnuts is soon to be released by Maggie Box. If you wish to stay in the know, the bird is the word – sign up for the newsletter here.