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Welcome to Maggie Box Games, your haven in the world of Australian board games! We are a flock of dedicated board game enthusiasts, creators, and supporters committed to showcasing the remarkable talent and creativity of Australian board game designers.

Maggie Box Mission

Our mission is to soar the joy and innovation of Australian board games to a global audience.At Maggie Box, we firmly believe that Australia’s board game designers have crafted some of the most inventive and captivating games globally. Our platform is dedicated to shining a feathered spotlight on the unique stories, clever mechanics, and talented individuals who shape the thriving Australian board game scene.Join us on a soaring journey through the diverse and ever-evolving world of Australian board games.

From brilliantly designed family games to immersive storytelling adventures. Among supporting Australian designers we’re also here to provide you with in-depth interviews to meet some of the talent, and behind-the-beak insights into the games being made.

Our goal is to introduce players worldwide to the exciting and thought-provoking experiences that Australian board games have to tweet about.

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We invite you to spread your wings and explore this rich tapestry of board gaming innovation, where every roll of the dice, migration of pieces and shuffle of the cards holds the promise of new adventures. Whether you’re an experienced board gamer, a curious fledgling, or a designer seeking inspiration, you’ll find a wealth of content here that celebrates the pluck and passion of Australian board game creators. Thank you for perching on Maggie Box Games, and we’re excited to share our enthusiasm for Australian board games with you. Stay tuned for engaging updates, game recommendations, and a community that shares your love for board gaming excellence from the Land Down Under.