Building Bonds Through Play: The Power of Family Game Nights Part 2

family of magpies playing board games and interacting nicely with each other.

Why Are Family Traditions Important, and How Can Games Create Them? Family traditions, such as regular game nights, hold a significant place in family dynamics. These traditions contribute to a sense of stability, belonging, and identity. Games, as a shared activity, become a cornerstone of such traditions, creating a unique language and set of experiences …


Bonding Beyond the Board: The Enduring Benefits of Playing Games with Your Family Part 1

family of magpies playing board games and interacting nicely with each other.

Why Make Family Game Night a Tradition? Creating a tradition of family game nights not only designates a specific time for quality bonding but also establishes a routine that contributes to family unity. The consistency of these gatherings fosters a sense of togetherness and anticipation, making it a cherished tradition for all generations. How Does …

Designing Board Games Prototypes

Unraveling the Magic: How Can Luck Enhance Your Board Game Design?

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Why Integrate Luck into Your Game? Luck adds an exciting layer of unpredictability, keeping players on their toes and making each playthrough unique. Discover the transformative power of luck in creating dynamic and engaging gaming experiences. What Role Should Luck Play in the Game Dynamics? Understanding the balance between skill and luck is key. Explore …

Designing Board Games

How to Craft Connections: A Short Guide to Creating Exceptional Family Board Games

family playing board game with kids, enjoy quality time together

In the heart of every memorable family gathering lies the joyous laughter emanating from a well-loved board game. Crafting a family-based board game is not just about designing a set of rules and pieces; it’s about weaving moments of togetherness, laughter, and shared experiences. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of …

Australian Board Game Industry Conventions Playtesting

The Remarkable Rise of Australian Board Games: Why They Matter

Maggie magpie robot ingenuity australian board games

For as long as we have been in the game there’s been a quiet revolution brewing in the world of the board, and it’s coming from down under. Australian board games are making waves, and their importance in the gaming landscape cannot be understated. In this blog post, we’ll explore why Australian board games are …

Australian Board Game Industry Collaboratory Conventions PAX PAXAUS Playtesting Prototypes

Unveiling the Future of Board Games: The Prototypes of PAX and the Collaboratory

maggie magpie robot game genius prototype design

At PAX, where the heart of gaming beats, we embarked on an adventure of discovery, filled with creativity, innovation, and the promise of an exciting future for board games. This year (and for the last 3 PAXAUS’s), we had the privilege of witnessing an array of remarkable prototype game designs, offering a sneak peek into …